Hello Gophers

Get Your Gopher

Begin your adventure with a gopher by minting a Hello Gophers NFT! Users can mint a random gopher character in the form of an NFT. Obtaining a a royal gopher is more difficult as they are more rare and they provide more perks. Peasants are the most common and they have less farming abilities to a royal gopher. You can view your Gopher in your wallet.

MetaMask Wallet

First things first, you will need a wallet such as MetaMask that supports Harmony ONE blockchain. If you don't have a wallet, you can follow the steps here to help you set up your wallet. Download MetaMask here.

Minting a Gen 0 Hello Gophers NFT

To play, users will have to hold a Hello Gophers NFT. Users can mint a Hello Gophers NFT on out minting page and it will cost 125 USDC + gas fees. Do remember to leave some ONE tokens in your wallet for gas fees. We will be initially releasing 10,000 Gen 0 Hello Gophers NFT (There will ever only be 10,000 Gen 0 gophers) and it will be done through a few phases. The first 1,000 Gen 0 gophers will be given to whitelisted participants only. Users will only have to bear the gas fees. Users will have to complete a fews steps and they will be whitelisted to receiving the free gophers in our whitelisting event.
Our Whitelisting Event will be carried out in 3 Phases.
PHASE 1: To get WHITELISTED, you will need to complete TWO (2) steps:
  1. 1.
    Complete our gleam.io mission form
  2. 2.
    You have the option to do either ONE (1) of these steps:
- Invite TEN (10) friends into our discord server - Achieve Level 5 and invite 5 friends into our server. Engage with our community, be helpful and active, posting memes will be a plus.
You can check your level by typing !rank in the 🤖┃bot-commands channel.
Once you have complete both steps, open a ticket in our 🎟️┃ticket channel in our Discord server to redeem your whitelist spot!
PHASE 2 & 3 will be launched after PHASE 1 has been completed.
The following 9,000 Gen 0 Hello Gophers NFTs will be sold to users and will require 125 USDC + gas fees to mint. You can obtain USDC from Binance Exchange and send it to your MetaMask wallet. Do remember to leave some ONE tokens in your wallet for gas fees. Each address can mint up to TEN (10) Hello Gophers NFT each time.
Each time you mint a Hello Gopher NFT, there is a 90% chance that you will receive a Peasant Gopher and a 10% chance you will receive a Royal Gopher. You can check your MetaMask wallet and your Hello Gophers NFT can be viewed under "Assets".

Gen 1 Hello Gophers NFT

There will be an unlimted number of Gen 1 Hello Gophers NFT. To obtain a Gen 1 Hello Gophers NFT, users will have to mint them using SHARDs. The cost to mint a Gen 1 Hello Gophers NFT will be 125,000 SHARDs.