Hello Gophers


What is the SHARD token?

SHARD is an HRC-20 token that will be the main token of value in our game, Hello Gophers. You can use SHARDs for many in-game features. You can use SHARDs to mint your Hello Gophers NFTs and you can stake your NFT into our farming pool, which will allow you to obtain more SHARDs. SHARDs can also be used to level up your gophers and a higher level gopher will have more perks and abilities. You can also use SHARDs to purchase gophers in our marketplace. The SHARD token is a governance token. SHARD holders will have a say in the growth and evolution of the project, as well as access to exclusive content and interactions with creators, thought leaders, and other members of the project.SHARD utilities include:
  • Minting Hello Gophers NFT
  • Governance
  • Purchasing land
  • Level up gophers


Shard token will be launched with a value of $0.001.

SHARD Hard Cap

The Shard token has a hard cap of 100,000,000,000 tokens.

SHARD Contract Address


Token Allocation

Staking: 34%Play To Earn: 42%Team: 15%Marketing: 9%Token AmountTotal Supply%StatusStaking34,000,000,00034%Unlocked, used in staking poolsPlay2Earn42,000,000,00042%Locked, till gameplay launchesTeam15,000,000,00015%Locked for 1 year. Each month 1/12 will be unlocked.Marketing9,000,000,0009%Unlocked