Hello Gophers

Phase 2 - Gameplay

In phase 2, we target the completion of Mint sales of every Gen 0 Gophers. Here the battle between Peasant & Royals will begin. Players can start staking their Hello Gophers NFTs and take part in our gameplay. Here's a summary of our gameplay:
  • Gophers can be staked to earn SHARD tokens and tax must be payed to claim SHARDs
  • SHARDs will be used to mint Gen 1 gophers (There is a 10% chance you can mint a royal gopher) There is also a 10% chance your NFT gets stolen by a royal gopher
  • Royal gophers can be staked to earn the tax that is paid to claim SHARDs
  • When you un-stake your gophers, there is a chance your accumulated SHARDs will be stolen by the royal gophers. Stolen shards will be split among all royal gophers staked accordingly to their rarity
  • You can also use shards to level up your gophers. A higher level gopher can also farm more SHARDs and have other benefits