Hello Gophers


GopherLand - A place Where Gophers Live

Part 1 - The Destruction of GopherLand

The world of gophers is a harsh one. GopherLand, a place where all gophers live was ruled by the tyrant king, King Gopher the III of GopherLand. The King would enslave all other gophers, works them to their bones with heavy stones, and makes them pay a heavy tax. The king was also a greedy king and wanted all the land and resources in GopherLand for himself. Hidden deep at the heart of GopherLand, lies an ancient crystal called the Gopher Crystal is a gem that powers GopherLand. Its powers were so great that it was rumored that it could provide any gopher that possesses it with immortality and unlimited powers. Unsatisfied with everything he has, the King was so greedy that he wanted that power for himself. With the help of the priest and the royal army, the king found the location of the Gopher Crystal. The King together with his royal army entered the sacred Cave of GopherLand to seek this crystal. The King was stopped by an old wizard that warned him if the crystal was removed from its place, it would bring great misfortune to GopherLand. The greedy King ignored the warning of the old wizard and took the crystal off its shrine. The crystal then exploded into billions of pieces all across GopherLand .The floor started to tremble and the cave was slowly collapsing. The King had just barely managed to escape with his people. Due to the King's greed and actions, a terrible earthquake has struck Gopherland and destroyed many cities. The gophers must now rebuild their city and homes. To help restore Gopherland, the gophers must now mine and collect all the fragments of the Gopher Crystal spread around GopherLand. The fragments are called SHARDs and they are extremely valuable to Gophers as they are the key to powering the economy.

Part 2 - Rebel of The Peasants

As all the SHARDs have been farmed by the gophers and GopherLand has been restored. Realizing that they now have the SHARDs, the gophers decided that they are tired of being used as slaves and decide to rebel against the king to spread freedom and happiness for all gopher-kind. Thus, here begins the great war of Peasants vs Royals.